Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery: General Assembly’s of United Nation Topic

By: Nabilla Arswendita, CNN international reporter. Jababeka (CNN) – The United Nations’s General Assembly (GA) yet again holding up a conference (Grand Valore hotel, Jababeka, 9/17) to discuss the continuing problem of the modern day; the modern slavery. On the first day of the conference, 14 delegates of the council gathered to argue about the best thing the United Nations can do to eradicate modern Read More →

UNSC’s Plan Regarding The Humanitarian Intervention in Syria

By : Zahara Sakinah A. Jababeka (Al Jazeera) – In the hopes to the realization of peace, the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) is having a conference regarding to the humanitarian intervention in Syria. The delegation of UNSC are concern of the condition and are searching for solutions and decisions on what to do to prevent another blood shed in Syria. The delegates came up Read More →

FAO Article

FAO: Is GMO a mistake? FAO sends Untested Food to Syria

By: Chandra Effendi Anwar Jababeka (BBC) – Earlier today, the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) decided to deliver humanitarian aid in forms of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foodsponsorred by the Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO) countries to Syria. The food that supposed to help the people of Syria turned out to be a total disaster, as the untestedfoods from FAO causing adults and children to have Read More →

Map of Caecus Island

Crisis: The Dangerous Journey

By: Chandra Effendi Anwar Jababeka (BBC) – In the midst of disappearance of technology, many mysterious accidents occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. As satellites detected unbelievable creatures roam within the area, countries react in an uproar. A private company from US, AHHC, hired professionals to explore the Caecus Island in order to retrieve the data for mankind survival. With their own motives and goals, a Read More →